First welcome everyone to the website for our Local. I hope you enjoy looking around the site and take some time to take a look at what has been put together for our membership.  Some things for you all to know.

  1. This site has a public portion that any and everyone can see.  They don’t have to log in, register, anything. Everyone can see the public side.  Then there is a “private” side of the site that only members that have registered and been approved by the websites admins, will be able to access, view, and or participate.  
  2. We would like it if everyone registered on the site. This site will become a major tool for communication throughout our local and its activities. To this end I am going to try and come by every station on every shift to try and get everyone registered while I am there, and then accepted into the site.
  3. There is a good amount of functionality on the site that will be up to this body how much of it we use
  4. The PAC fund will be able to accept money through this site behind the member wall and through the use of PayPal.
  5. Charitable event where we have registration will be able to accept both the registration and the entry fee’s IF the organizer so wishes.

All in all this will be a good tool for us. Expect a bit of a learning curve, there will be mistakes I am sure, there will be issues I am sure. Just be patient and know in the end this will come together.


A part of the functionality of this site will allow us conduct votes here at the site. These votes will be limited to the same items that we could vote on in an open union meeting. Before use we will have discuss what can be seen and what can not be seen when it comes to votes and surveys here.